About us

Casa Bella Realty Inc. Real Estate Agency, a new name for brokers representing real estate professionals and financial services. Founded in February 2010, the new name combines experienced brokers under a new company in the property market! New or old way of doing business? Conservative, slow, but too clumsy or impetuous, young, hyper-energetic, but too inexperienced to risk, a way of doing business? A successful business must combine the best qualities of both sides.

Professionals, amateurs, people who love this profession have created Casa Bella. Combining years of experience, education, professional knowledge of the market, real estate financial market trends, a young and ambitious team allows us to offer our customers a fast service with the best quality. Modern technologies of information provide us with access to the latest information on virtually every property, and here is a competent and adequate analysis of this information – the professionals who have a more than adequate preparation and knowledge.

Irina Dondikova, founder of Casa Bella Real Estate Agency was born in January 1982. She’s attractive and obviously smart enough to have opened her own agency after only five years in the business. Between 1999-2003, she studied the Faculty of Economy and Management of Enterprises program, in Saint-Petersburg State University with success. In 2004-2005, she attended the College “Chambre Immobilière du Grand Montréal” to study the Affiliated Real Estate Agent program, after which she obtained the “Certificate of a Affiliated Real Estate Agent”

Thereafter she was working successfully during 5 years as a Affiliated Real Estate Agent, from may 2005 till February 2010 at “Groupe Sutton Excellence inc.” At the same time, from June 2008 to July 2009, she studied the Real Estate Certified Broker program at College “Chambre Immobilière du Grand Montréal”. After the completion she obtained the “Certificate of a Certified Real Estate Broker” In February 2010, she opened her Real Estate Agency, Casa Bella Realty Inc. Real Estate Agency, and is working as president of Casa Bella / Chief Executive Officer, until now. She is a woman who convey the image of success: Glamorous, well-dressed, and shrewd.